July 27, 2009

Get Your Hula On

oh yeah, there's a new west coast hoopster ready to break into the scene. check out the clip of this budding hula girl honing her craft [VIDEO].

Cassady Haan Hula Girl

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July 14, 2009

Bojon Wrightsville Running Strong

Bojon Wrightsville Beach

the epicenter of the bojon flying its colors high this summer. always great to get word that all is as it should be in the homeland.

a few pics from ground zero:

cap'n cox at he helm ensuring high velocity sheYAMigans....

Bojon Wrightsville Beach

it's always happy hour in wrightsville...

Bojon Wrightsville Beach

the original festive rogue somewhere off the coast of paradise...

Bojon Wrightsville Beach

as one glorious day draws to a close...

Bojon Wrightsville Beach

another one begins...

Bojon Wrightsville Beach

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July 09, 2009

Summertime In The City

Bojon Central Park

nicky G checkin' in from the NYC with Umphrey mcgee and matisyahu hitting it in central park. 80 degrees. Beer. Wafting smoke. Hula hoop girls. A stage diving Hasidic rasta. Vapor trails. And a pink knight... ya know, all the standard trappings of a summer day in the big apple!

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July 06, 2009

Festive Fourth O' July

Bojon 4th of July

gotta love it when the fog sits high enough over san fran to allow for a solid fireworks display.

this year we rolled all sorts of traditional fare to celebrate the country's birthday... BBQ, parade, and fireworks all in the mix.

Bojon 4th of July

a little town in the east bay called clayton runs a groovy, old-fashioned soiree. a pancake breakfast leads into a parade through town complete with the local marching band, boy scout troop #2826, the undefeated girls softball team, the american legion, miniature ponies, and classic cars.

Bojon 4th of July

always nice to get the opportunity to pimp the red, white and blue.

Bojon 4th of July

not quite bolinas. or hermosa, for that matter. but good fun nonetheless.

and on the random side of things, the gugumuck sent in this photo of himself charging with the old honda cycle complete with flag and rifle. very patriotic...

Bojon 4th of July

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