April 28, 2003

Bring on ze Jazz Fest

bojon crew off to new orleans this weekend to take in the magic that is Jazz Fest. perhaps the best combination of food, music, and partying on the planet.

without question, good for the soul.

if you happen to be in the Big Easy this weekend for the Fest, track us down. we set up shop in front of the main stage each day.

find us at the bojon flag . . .

boy yon

we'll look something like this . . .


pulled this gem from the archives - jazz fest prep '01:

    team jazz fest,

    oh yeah, we are getting close. this past weekend, hit seattle for one last training session with gandalf, a professional who shows up when he is most needed and least expected. focus was on mastering the comfort level with the extreme buzz while in a city away from home.

    really pushed the limits saturday night. you know, just to see if there are limits. i must say, we've got this engine purrin like a pussy cat (right, huck). opened her up on the freeway and put the pedal down. hit 160 and was still accelerating. very solid. dare i say, we are ahead of schedule.

    all the best, see you at the Fest

that's right!!!


Posted by bojon at April 28, 2003 11:39 PM