November 03, 2003

Halloween Shenanigans

I'm Bartman!

gotta dig it when halloween falls on a weekend. this year's friday night festivities were daddy-O in san fran, but it's probably safe to assume people were getting their freak on all across the country.

best five places to be for halloween:

    1. Lahaina, Maui
    2. San Francisco
    3. Isla Vista, Santa Barbara
    4. New York City
    5. New Orleans

word has it that Atlanta rolls as well. comments very welcome on better/alternative hot spots to spend all hallow's eve.

options were a plenty in SF for where to get down. the scene was blowin' up all over the place. Bojon crew scored a costume happy hour gig, and then filtered down to fort mason for a free-for-all house party. the groove was on. well-fashioned revelers everywhere, DJs spinning, drinks flowing, rasta permeating, good vibes omnipesent.

couple of us found our way onto a trampoline. check out the riddler getting his bounce on [VIDEO].

and then we have a pair of indian chiefs poppin' a pow wow [VIDEO].

here are a couple shots from the evening's action. anybody with some other shots, send them my way, and we'll post 'em:


Happy Hour

heady conversation...

Meeting of the Minds

roys galore...

Where's Siegfried




Five Year Plan

shout out to NYC...

Droppin' Some NYC

gettin' stuff going in portland...

Transition Arafat

Posted by bojon at November 3, 2003 11:18 PM