September 17, 2004

Get Your King Salmon On

Team Bojon

team Bojon back out to the HIGH seas for our annual salmon hunt. we again hooked up with captain Todd and the Blue Runner and made for parts north of the city. we settled in about two miles off the coast from bolinas and got busy.

Fellas Bojon

the fishes weren't exactly jumping into our boat, but we were all pretty content to chill and let the day unroll at a casual pace. this attitude helped, and the salmon started to bite. all told we pulled in 10 nice sized kings. made for an excellent BBQ that night and will set us up with smoked salmon for the next year. very nice.

Foggy Bojon

catch of the day went to brigadier biggs, who stayed out all night before the trip and then managed to land a 30 pound prehistoric beast. who says you cant go 30 miles on e. nice work, biggsie!!!

Brian Biggs

Posted by bojon at September 17, 2004 11:14 PM