May 04, 2005

Jazz Fest '05 Day 2 - How Ya Gonna Clap

Bojon Jazz Fest

oh yeah, by now the groove was steady, and we were deep into the schiznit...

the two hours of actual shut eye wasn't much. but it was key.

friday morning was pristine as we stalked the fairgrounds bright and early. the half hour before the gates open is surely the quietest part of the day.

on this day, jah rasta and mookie chilled with me before the mayhem ensued. we were particularly amused by a certain vendor who was pushing fest koozies.

"how ya gonna clap?" the vendor belted out every few minutes.

shit bro, perhaps put our beers down for a second.


ok, 3 koozies then.

but alas, the gates opened, and we were off.

some minor tweaks in our positioning, and we were styled for the day.


and again, a treat to catch with the crew.

Bojon Jazz Fest

and nice to have some hot mamas with us.

Bojon Jazz Fest

and comforting to see some of our old favorites on the grounds.

Bojon Jazz Fest

by the time widespread took the stage for their double set, everything was as it should be.

Bojon Jazz Fest

and then widespread let it fly, and jah was pleased.

Bojon Jazz Fest

the highlight of the set could well have been the cover of traffic's low spark of high heeled boys.

or it could have been any other tune because the whole show ripped.

Bojon Jazz Fest

evening festivities took us back to bourbon street where we settled in at a shanty called the Red Rhino.

the night was a blur as a fresh wave of cohorts rolled in to stir the pot.

Bojon Jazz Fest

and fortunately we had more hot mamas along to cover our backs.

Bojon Jazz Fest

and well, curious and the hatter, best friends that they are, had a blast...

Bojon Jazz Fest

Posted by bojon at May 4, 2005 12:03 AM