November 26, 2003

Follow That Train... the promised land!

Bojon Express

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November 24, 2003

Old School

vintage bandito...

Vintage Bandito

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November 17, 2003

There Goes Clarity

ah yes, without question, the earth did shake this past weekend. and while the facts remain a bit murky, most accounts place the epicenter as having been somewhere near sonoma, california.

but this particular disturbance of the peace was not caused by any shifting tectonic plates. rather, this RICHTER SCALE RUMBLER was brought on by a true cosmic bandito crossing over into marital bliss...


that's right, YumBeer himself tied the knot on saturday, marrying the spicey Princess Nickola in a swanky ceremony held at the glorious Cline Cellars estate.

the celebration actually kicked off last thursday in san fran as folks began to roll into town from parts unknown. the festivities kicked off at the cheesy-tiki tonga room before the crew jetted over to the tongue & groove to catch a sneak preview of the wedding entertainment, Tainted Love.


friday, it was up to the wine country as more friends and relatives flew in. that evening, we all descended on the sonoma barracks and did what we could to make up for lost time.

while billed as a "mellow" barbeque, not everyone got the memo. and those that did, chose to ignore it. nevertheless, we managed to keep the fort secure through dinner before hitting the neighborhood bar, Steiner's, to make friends with the locals.


satruday was a smorgasbord of daytime activities which varied depending on what you were into. wine tasting, shopping, napping, college football...or just good ole fashioned beermongering with bruce willis.

the wedding itself was held at the Cline Cellars vineyard in the wine cellar. the space was outstanding and a perfect playground for the group.


the reception blew up as Tainted Love took the stage and the duct tape came out. can't say enough about the positive energy in the room.

check out this glimpse of the action [VIDEO CLIP].

a grand time all around and an appropriate tribute to an all-world positive couple...

The Archers

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November 14, 2003


The Good Word

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November 12, 2003

The Mean Green Fighting Machine

The Green Party

captain jones was large and in charge this past weekend with another color theme party. this rendition was all about GREEN.

ms. greenland was there. so was kermit de frog. the green lantern paid a visit. so did the riddler. reps from bowling green were on the premises. as was a cadre of ruffians knowns as gang-green. lots of girl scouts too. green girl scouts.

here are some shots from the festivities:

captain jones and company...

Captian Jones & Co.

the green medusa...

Turned to Stone

the riddler and friends...

Where's Batman

three blind mice...

Three Blind Mice

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November 09, 2003

That's Right, Dear, The Boys are Goin' Fishing

Illicit Kiss

this intriguing news item was sent in by traveling italian professor, agent shedroff. turns out a crafty russian has been running a company that provides airtight excuses for partners who want to get away for a bit to carry on an affair.

check it out:


    MOSCOW -- A Russian has established an agency selling the rarest of commodities: a good cover story for adulterous partners.

    Aimed primarily at cheating spouses who need an excuse to get away from home for a day or two, or explain away a lost night after an unplanned indiscretion, Dmitry Petrov sells copper-bottomed alibis for as little as 120. Mr Petrov has no office and does all his business on a mobile phone.

    But he employs dozens of freelances - doctors, journalists and actors - who can rustle up a charade in minutes for the right price.

    One of Mr Petrov's favourite ruses is to present the errant husband with a certificate that he has spent the night in detox after drinking one vodka too many.

    Another, for the more forward-planning man, is to have an associate collect the client in a car stuffed with fishing rods, on the pretext that they are off for a weekend's angling.

    The Ruse

    Contrary to popular perception, Mr Petrov says, most of his clients are women. In one case a woman wanted to spend a week with a lover on a beach in Turkey. Mr Petrov produced a fake summons from a faraway court demanding that she give evidence about a car crash she had supposedly witnessed.

    The unsuspecting husband took his wife to the train station only for her to get off at the next stop and hop on a plane with her beau.

    Mr Petrov has also helped a host of others to get out of a tight spot since launching Alibi in 1999.

    Once he arranged a fake set of wedding photos and even a fake groom for a woman who had lied to her friends that she had got married.

    Another time he staged an entire make-believe wedding with a moonlighting marriage official after a couple grew bored of being pestered by their parents to tie the knot.

    He has also set up confrontations between a wife, her husband and his lover in an effort to get the adulterer to return to the family nest.

    Asked whether he was ashamed of his work, Mr Petrov replied: "Imagine how many good people would have survived around the world if only such an agency had existed in the times of Othello and Anna Karenina."

    Fish Story

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November 03, 2003

Halloween Shenanigans

I'm Bartman!

gotta dig it when halloween falls on a weekend. this year's friday night festivities were daddy-O in san fran, but it's probably safe to assume people were getting their freak on all across the country.

best five places to be for halloween:

    1. Lahaina, Maui
    2. San Francisco
    3. Isla Vista, Santa Barbara
    4. New York City
    5. New Orleans

word has it that Atlanta rolls as well. comments very welcome on better/alternative hot spots to spend all hallow's eve.

options were a plenty in SF for where to get down. the scene was blowin' up all over the place. Bojon crew scored a costume happy hour gig, and then filtered down to fort mason for a free-for-all house party. the groove was on. well-fashioned revelers everywhere, DJs spinning, drinks flowing, rasta permeating, good vibes omnipesent.

couple of us found our way onto a trampoline. check out the riddler getting his bounce on [VIDEO].

and then we have a pair of indian chiefs poppin' a pow wow [VIDEO].

here are a couple shots from the evening's action. anybody with some other shots, send them my way, and we'll post 'em:


Happy Hour

heady conversation...

Meeting of the Minds

roys galore...

Where's Siegfried




Five Year Plan

shout out to NYC...

Droppin' Some NYC

gettin' stuff going in portland...

Transition Arafat

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