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Bojon (bo’ zhan)


adj.: without job; jobless; having no job; unemployed.

Example: Bro, my startup tanked, and so now I am Bojon. Fortunately, I got a sweet severance package: Southeast Asia here I come.


adj.: carefree; without trouble or worry; unencumbered; free from strife.

Example: We spent a Bojon Saturday lounging at the beach, catching some rays.


adj.: content; desiring no more than what one has; inner tranquility; peace at the center.

Example: After years of grinding in a crummy office job, I finally cashed in my chips, bought a sail boat and set off for the Caribbean with my family. I am now utterly Bojon.


n.: that which brings one peace and contentment; the source of one’s satisfaction.

Example: Many a man has found his Bojon in fly-fishing.


interjection: used as a greeting or a parting; a means for wishing someone well, either in meeting them or in bidding them farewell; synonymous with: “what’s up,” “good day,” “take it easy,” “go forth and prosper.”

Example: Bojon, my good man. Have an excellent day.

Our Roots

Legend has it that Bojon was founded by a festive rogue somewhere near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The details of this discovery are sketchy, and the tales surrounding it are many, but one thing is for sure: the path that its sets forth is rife with goodwill. The quest for inner peace is not a new concept, but the term “bojon” is. May your awareness of it bring clarity, insight, and a smile to your face.

Our Mantra

“Only those who take leisurely what the people of the world are busy about can be busy about what the people of the world take leisurely.”

– Chang Ch’ao